KYBELLA® is an injectable treatment used to remove fat cells causing submental fullness, commonly referred to as a “double chin”. It is now available at Blue Haven Medical Spa. The active ingredient in KYBELLA® is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, Kybella destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin.   Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.

KYBELLA® is administered is multiple sessions. Each session will remove a portion of the fat tissue giving a gradual improvement. The number of sessions needed by an individual will depend on the amount of fat tissue needing treatment, and the aesthetic goals of the client. Most patients will do 2-4 sessions, but the treatment can be done up to 6 times. Sessions are spaced apart roughly 4-6 weeks.

For a gallery of before/after photos, click here:

Frequently asked questions:

Is it uncomfortable?

 The KYBELLA® injections are very quick. Shortly after the injection, expect to feel a hot/burning sensation, which is the medication working. This usually lasts 15-20 minutes and improves with ice packs. Once the sensation subsides, there is mild-moderate soreness for a few days.

What are the common side effects?

 The most common side effects include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. Side effects are usually temporary and often resolve on their own over 4-6 weeks. In most people, the side effects are most noticeable after the first treatment, and are less noticeable with the subsequent treatments. Rarely, KYBELLA® can cause serious side effects, including nerve injury in the jaw (4%) that can temporarily cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness, or trouble swallowing (2%). In the clinical studies, all of these side effects resolved on their own.

Can you use KYBELLA® in other parts of the body?

 At this time, KYBELLA® is only FDA approved to use in the submental fat (double chin).

How much does it cost?

KYBELLA® is sold by the vial, and depends on the size of the surface area being treated. Most patients will need 2-4 vials, with a maximum dose of 5 vials. The first 2 vials are $600 each, and additional vials are $400 each.

 How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

 We offer free consultations to help evaluate this. Give us a call at 206-216-4957.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatments

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. It has been estimated to affect 2.8% of the population of the United States, and equally affects men and women. Hyperhidrosis can have devastating emotional effects and can cause significant reduction in quality of life. Common areas of hyperhidrosis are the underarms, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. Medications have been developed to help control this condition, such as aluminum chloride in antiperspirants. Higher concentration solutions have also been used for hyperhidrosis and may be prescribed by one’s primary care physician. Side effects such as skin irritation can limit their use for some people, and some people have inadequate response to these treatments.

Blue Haven Medical Spa currently offers treatment for hyperhidrosis with Botox injections.   Before the treatment is performed, a starch-iodine test is done to determine the location of the sweat glands. This painless test allows us to treat only the areas producing the excessive sweat.

Botox injections are FDA approved to stop sweating in the underarms. Botox works by blocking the nerve signal to the sweat glands, which “turns off” the sweat production. Patients experience an average of 82-87% reduction in sweating using this therapy. The effect lasts an average of 6.7 months, although individual results vary. Botox may be used in the underarms, palms, or feet. The cost of Botox injections for hyperhidrosis is $1,100.


Frequently asked questions:

Is it dangerous or unhealthy to inhibit sweat glands when I need them for body cooling and excretion? No. Sweat glands in the underarms make up less than 2% of your body’s sweat glands and treatment would not have any significant effect on normal cooling ability.

How painful are the treatments? Botox injections in the underarms are only mildly uncomfortable. The use of ice packs helps significantly.

The Infini for Skin Tightening and Acne Scars

The Infini by Lutronic is the latest option in the treatment of acne scars as well as looseness or crepiness of the skin. The Infini works by combining the technology of radiofrequency waves with micro-needling. During the procedure, tiny micro-needles are inserted through the skin into the dermis where the radiofrequency thermal energy is released. By delivering the energy directly to the dermis, collagen is produced deep in the skin leading to impressive outcomes. This procedure is especially useful for treating laxity of the lower face, jawline and neck. It has also become our procedure of choice to smooth and reduce acne scars. Because of the mechanical needling of the skin, there is also skin surface rejuvenation.


Treatment of neck laxity


Treatment of facial skin laxity


Fine lines of the lower face and neck


Lower face and neck tightening


Treatment of facial laxity


Tightening of neck line







Smoothing of acne scars


Treatment of acne scars on darker skin types















One of the benefits of the Infini for skin tightening is the shorter downtime. Because the radiofrequency thermal energy is delivered deep in the dermis, rather than the superficial epidermis level, clients usually experience downtimes of 1-3 days. The Infini is also safe for all skin types, and is safe in any season (even sunny weather).

Frequently asked questions:

What is the downtime like? Most clients will have initial redness at the time of the treatment that subsides quickly within the first hour. It takes 24-36 hours for the residual redness and swelling to dissipate. In rare cases, redness can extend for a few more days. Bruising is also rare, but possible in areas of thinner skin such as the neck or around the mouth.  Visible needle marks tend to last longer on clients with darker skin types or older clients who heal more slowly.  In our experience, this should resolve within 7-10 days.  It is okay to wear makeup the day after the treatment.

How does the treatment feel? You will feel pressure from the handpiece being held against the skin. We use a strong numbing cream for at least one hour prior to the treatment, as well as a cold air chiller during the treatment to reduce discomfort from the needles. Patients report varying levels of discomfort as each person has different tolerances.

How long before I see results? This procedure works by remodeling your existing collagen (or scars) and stimulating new collagen to form. The full process may take up to 6 months. However, clients usually begin to see changes within a few weeks with most of the changes occurring in the first 3 months.

How many treatments will I need? This depends on the client’s goals and the degree of correction needed. Many people will see significant results after one treatment. Acne scars will often require 2-3 sessions depending on severity.

How much does it cost? Treatments are sold by area. Areas include: neck, lower face, and upper face. One area is $1,200, two areas are $1,800, and three areas are $2,100. We also offer a discount if you receive a 2nd or third treatment in the first 6 months. (10% off the 2nd treatment and 20% off the 3rd treatment).  Due to the length of time we reserve for Infini treatments, we require a 50% deposit to book this appointment.  Your deposit will be used toward the cost of the procedure.  We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your procedure to avoid forfeiting the deposit.  

How would I decide between an Infini treatment vs a CO2 resurfacing? The best way is to come in for a free consultation to discuss. In general, we recommend the Infini for acne scars, clients with darker skin types (III-VI), and for clients primarily interested in skin tightening. CO2 resurfacing is the better option for rejuvenating the epidermis (surface) of the skin, such as uneven pigmentation, age spots, skin texture, or acne scars in combination with surface rejuvenation. CO2 resurfacing is only safe for clients with lighter skin types (I-III). Also, for most people the downtime for an Infini treatment is 1-3 days whereas a CO2 resurfacing is usually 4-5 days.

Can the Infini be used on other areas of the body?  There are studies going on currently that show promise in treating stretch marks and other areas, but these treatments are not yet available. Stay tuned for updates on this treatment…. We will update this page once stretch mark treatment is available.


Micro-needling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure used to stimulate collagen and to repair acne scar tissue. Micro-needling involves the production of thousands of controlled microscopic needle incisions into the skin.  By inducing these tiny punctures, our skin releases growth factor to repair itself.  Growth factors are believed to be responsible for the beneficial effects of the procedure, as it induces new collagen production and new networks of blood vessels bringing better red blood cell perfusion.  The result is a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, scars (especially acne scars), and overall improvement in skin tone and laxity.

At Blue Haven Medical Spa, micro-needling is performed by our esthetician, Blanca Gutierrez.  The procedure is usually completed within 60 minutes.  After a cleansing of the skin, a strong topical numbing cream is applied to the skin to ensure maximum comfort.  After numbing, a gel is applied to the skin, and the micro-needling device glides over the skin creating the microscopic punctures.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost?  A micro-needling treatment costs $300.

What are the side effects? What does my skin look like after a treatment?  After the procedure, your skin will show signs of redness and will appear similar to a moderate sunburn.  There may be some slight swelling.  The redness and swelling usually subsides in 24-48 hours.  By day 3, the skin takes on a pink color, but there is minimal evidence that the procedure has taken place.  The skin may feel tight, dry or sensitive to the touch for the first 3 days.

Is it painful? No.  The topical numbing cream we apply makes the treatment very comfortable.  You may feel a vibration sensation during the treatment, similar to an electric toothbrush.

How many sessions will I need? That depends on the client, and the degree of correction desired.  This is best determined during your initial consultation.  We may suggest a session every 3-4 weeks for 4-6 months for optimal results.  Continued improvement is then seen up to 6-8 months after the last treatment due to ongoing collagen growth and remodeling.  Clients may want to update the treatment every 6-12 months thereafter.

What is the aftercare? You should wear SPF 30+ sunblock every day for at least 10 days after the treatment.  You can return to your regular makeup routine after 2-3 days once the skin is nearly back to normal.

Is there anyone who cannot get micro-needling? This treatment should NOT be used on active acne, severe rosacea, active skin infections, keloid scars, actinic keratosis or any skin cancers, eczema, psoriasis, or sebaceous hyperplasia. Clients with a history of cold sores (fever blisters) may want to pre-treat with anti-viral antibiotics to reduce risk of an outbreak.  This treatment depends on the wound healing process for its benefits, so it is not recommended if you have diabetes, have an impaired immune system, or are taking immune-suppressive medications due to an increase in infection risk.  Clients on blood thinners may have increased pinpoint bleeding or bruising.  Clients who have had Botox should wait at least 14 days, and clients who have had fillers should wait 28 days before having micro-needling.

Custom Facials

Customized medical facials are available with aesthetician and skin care expert, Blanca Gutierrez.  Our facials are results-driven with a focus on both skin health and appearance.  This facial offers diamond tip microdermabrasion that exfoliates away dead skin cells, prepping the skin for extractions and medical grade treatment products that are custom blended to help improve and restore tone and texture to your skin.  In addition, your initial visit will include a consultation to determine your skin’s needs as well as recommendations on daily products that will help you meet your appearance goals.  There are many skin and cosmetic products on the market, and Blanca will use her expertise to help you choose the right options for your skin.

A customized facial with microdermabrasion retails at $139.  Additional add-on services available include back facials, medical grade chemical peels, décolleté add-ons, brow wax/tint, and microcurrent treatments.


The LaserCap® For Thinning Hair

The LaserCap Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

The LaserCap for thinning hair

Thinning hair can be one of the most distressing changes of aging, affecting half of men, and roughly 25% of women.  There are many causes for thinning hair, including genetic and hormonal factors.  As a result, there are many different treatment options available.  One of the latest breakthroughs is the LaserCap.  Blue Haven Medical Spa is now the exclusive dealer of the LaserCap for the Pacific Northwest.  The LaserCap is an at-home cosmetic device used to treat thinning hair.  It contains 224 laser diodes and fits inside any cap or hat.  The LaserCap uses technology called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate the health of the hair follicles, resulting in healthier, thicker hair follicles.  As the natural hair loss process occurs, individual hair follicles become thinner, shorter and weaker, providing less scalp coverage.  With low-level laser therapy, the energy provided by the laser diodes is absorbed by the scalp which stimulates cellular respiration (increased energy production and circulation), reduces inflammation (which is believed to contribute to hair loss) and promotes release of toxins.  The strength of the arrector pili muscles (the muscles connected to the hair follicles at the base) is also increased, providing increased support.  As the health of the hair follicles improves, the thickness of the hair gradually increases.  As with all hair loss treatments, the earlier you start treatment the better.  LLLT works to restore the health and thickness of thinning hairs, but cannot bring back any lost hair follicles.   For more detail on the science behind low-level laser therapy, click on this summary.

The LaserCap is worn for 36 minutes, three times a week (or every other day).  For the first few months, the beneficial changes occur at the cellular level as the new follicles are improving.  Visible changes to the hair start around 6 months and continue to improve.  The life cycle of a growing hair follicle is 3-6 years.  As the original hairs fall out, the new, healthier hairs replace them leading to a gradual and ongoing improvement in the thickness and appearance of your hair.

Dr. Killey’s own progress photos:

3 month progress with LaserCap Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

3 month progress with LaserCap

LaserCap for thinning hair Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

5 month progress with LaserCap

LaserCap for thinning hair Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

8 month progress with LaserCap








To see additional before and after photos, click here.

To see the LaserCap featured on the television show ‘The Doctors’ on May 22, 2014, click here.

The inventor of the LaserCap, Dr. Michael Rabin, discusses the LaserCap here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the LaserCap be used if I am using other hair treatments?

Yes, definitely.  Other treatment options for hair loss (such as minoxidil/Rogaine® and finasteride/Propecia®) work by completely different mechanisms.  You can continue using them while using the LaserCap, and the combination may in fact provide additional improvement.  Many hair transplant surgeons also recommend LLLT after surgery to improve healing.


I have already had hair transplant surgery… there a benefit to using the LaserCap?

Yes.  A hair transplant is essentially taking hair follicles from an area of higher thickness (the back of the head) and transplanting them across an area of thinner hair.  This gives a dramatic improvement of thickness initially.  However, the remaining hairs will continue to thin and fall out, eventually returning to an appearance of thinning hair.  Additional transplants may be needed to maintain a natural look.  Beginning LLLT with the LaserCap can maintain the health of your hair and reduce or eliminate the need for subsequent transplants.


Are there other low level laser therapy treatment options available for hair loss?

Yes.  The original FDA-cleared LLLT device for hair loss was a hand-held comb with 9 laser diodes.  The user must comb the device through the hair for 15 minutes three times a week.  The second FDA-cleared device was an in-office hood with 90 bulbs.  The user goes to a clinic and sits under the hood three times a week.  The LaserCap uses the same laser diodes as these two devices.  However, the LaserCap has 224 diodes providing an even, all-over coverage to the scalp.  More importantly, the LaserCap is much more user-friendly and time-effective.  It is the original hands-free device allowing you to continue your normal activities at home while receiving the treatment.  No trips to the office needed!


Has the LaserCap been FDA cleared?

Yes, as of August 2015, the LaserCap has also been FDA cleared as a medical device.


How do I use the LaserCap?

Insert the LaserCap into any hat you desire, or the hat provided to you.  Once the hat is on your head, click the button on the attached battery pack to the “on” position.  Leave it on for 36 minutes, then turn it off.  Once off, plug the battery pack into its charger.    The LaserCap is used three times a week (maximum of every other day).  The LaserCap should never be used more frequently than every other day or for longer periods of time.


Does it work for women?

Yes.  Both men and women, age 18-80, have experienced great results from LLLT.


Are there any risks or side effects?

There are no risks or side effects known.  It is recommended that you never look directly at the laser light, however, to protect the eyes.


Is the treatment painful at all?

No, the treatment is painless.  You may feel a slight warmth by the end of the treatment, which is believed to be from the increased circulation to the scalp.


How do I purchase a LaserCap?

Schedule a free consultation with any of our doctors.  We will meet with you to discuss if you are a good candidate for low level laser therapy.  If you wish to purchase the LaserCap, you can purchase it from our office.  The cost of the LaserCap is $3,000 plus tax.  To schedule, call us at 206-216-4957 or email us at


Is there a warrantly for the LaserCap?

The LaserCap has a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase.


Is there a return policy?

Yes, the buyer can return the LaserCap for any reason for one year from the date of purchase for a 75% refund.  This means that you can try the LaserCap for up to 1 year for only $750, or about $2 a day.





Acne Treatment

Blue Haven Medical Spa has a number of treatment options to effectively treat acne and its complications.  Our daily skincare line for acne is designed to prevent outbreaks and to quickly heal the ones you have.  The first step of the regimen is a daily cleanser containing both salicylic acid and glycolic acid.  The second step is a medicated pad containing salicylic and glycolic acid for deeper and longer lasting penetration.  The third step is a benzoyl peroxide gel which can be applied as a thin layer up to twice daily, or can be used as a spot treatment for blemishes.  Acne treatments can dry out the skin, so the fourth step is our Ultra Lite moisturizer which delivers a soothing moisturizer with aloe that won’t clog the pores.

Our nighttime retinol serum is also effective at fighting acne outbreaks while speeding up the natural process of removing the outer skin layers.  This removes the impacted outer skin layers which lead to breakouts plus provides a wonderful anti-aging effect.  Do you get breakouts in areas besides your face?  We have a salicylic acid/glycolic acid spray to help cover larger areas of the body, such as the back and chest.

Some of the most distressing effects of acne are the long-lasting or permanent marks it can leave on the face.  This includes pigmentation and scars.  Blue Haven Medical Spa has a number of options to help correct this.  Chemical peels can be very effective at lifting away pigmentation from breakouts.  For facial scarring, laser skin resurfacing can significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Injectable Fillers (Juvederm)

Blue Haven Medical Spa performs soft tissue augmentation of the face using Juvederm injections.  Juvederm is a gel made out of hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide found in all living organisms.  Juvederm is injected into areas of the face where you have lost size and volume with aging.  It therefore plumps these areas giving them a natural, more youthful appearance without needing surgery.  The original FDA-approved use was to have it placed into the “nasolabial folds” which extend from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth.  Loss of volume in the nasolabial folds with age gives the appearance of “parentheses” around the nose and mouth.  In 2013, Juvederm Voluma became FDA-approved to treat volume loss in the cheeks and mid face.  Loss of cheek volume leads to a sagging or tired appearance to the face.  By first correcting cheek volume loss, you can improve facial contour and see a subtle lift effect of the face.  Juvederm Ultra XC, a thinner gel, can be used to plump the lips or fill in fine lines.  Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, a moderate thickness gel, is often used for the nasolabial folds and Marionette lines.  Juvederm Volbella gained FDA approval in 2016 for treatment of vertical lip lines (cigarette lines) and for smoothing lip lines while adding very subtle volume.  Juvederm Vollure was FDA approved in 2017 for smoothing of the nasolabial folds and Marionette lines.  The duration of effect depends upon the type of gel used.  Juvederm Ultra often lasts 6-12 months (usually 3-6 months when used to plump the lips), Juvederm Ultra Plus usually lasts 12-18 months, Juvederm Volbella lasts up to 1 year, Juvederm Vollure last up to 18 months, and Juvederm Voluma can last up to 2 years.

How much does it cost? 

Blue Haven Medical Spa charges based on the number of syringes of gel used.  Most clients will need between 1 and 4 syringes for an excellent effect.  Here are our current prices (subject to change based on vendor pricing increases):

Juvederm Volbella:  $400/syringe

Juvederm Ultra XC:  $600/syringe

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC:  $650/syringe

Juvederm Vollure XC:  $750/syringe

Juvederm Voluma XC:  $850/syringe

During your consultation, the benefits of the different types of filler will be discussed to help make the right decision for you.



Markings made prior to injecting Botox into the glabellar region (frown lines)

BOTOX® (Botulinum toxin A) injections are used to treat certain lines and wrinkles of the upper face.  Forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet lines on the sides of our eyes are the most common areas for BOTOX® injections.  These lines are caused by our muscles involved in facial expression.  As we age, these muscles gradually get stronger and bigger, eventually leaving a visible line between the muscle fibers. BOTOX® works by causing a temporary weakness/paralysis of the muscles, thus causing the wrinkle to diminish.  After a muscle is injected with BOTOX®, it relaxes over the next few days with a maximum effect seen at 2 weeks.  The BOTOX® will usually last for 3-4 months for the first few treatments.  With repeated treatments, the effect tends to last longer,  up to 6 months.

How much does it cost?

At Blue Haven Medical Spa, our price for BOTOX® injections is $14 per unit.  The number of units you need will depend on the number of areas being treated and the extent of the lines.  For example, a usual dosage for frown lines between the eyebrows can range between 12 units ($168) for very small muscles up to 32 units ($448) for very large, strong muscles.  The usual dosage for crow’s feet is 12-24 units. The forehead can range from 10-20 units for most clients.

Botox can be injected to the sides of the eyes to reduce “crow’s feet” wrinkles.

Chemical Peels


Chemical peels are applied in the office. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

A chemical peel is a procedure performed at Blue Haven Medical Spa to give your skin several benefits. Chemical peels repair skin damage and slow the aging process, giving you optimal skin for your chronological age.  They are also an extremely effective way to treat acne and its complications.  We offer many types of chemical peels to help you meet your appearance goals.  Chemical peels basically involve applying layers of a chemical onto the face or body, then applying a soothing moisturizer and sunblock.  For most of our chemical peels, the chemical is left on the skin overnight (or a minimum of 4 hours), then washed off at home.  Over the next few days, the outer layers of skin are gradually removed leaving new, rejuvenated skin.  The new skin is smoother, firmer, more radiant and has a more even color tone and texture.  Clients experience these skin benefits after their first chemical peel, but can have even more dramatic improvement with repeated chemical peels.  Ideally, a series of six chemical peels is performed, each performed 3-4 weeks apart.

Is there a lot of downtime involved with a chemical peel?

The amount of skin exfoliation (and thus downtime) depends on a few factors.  Depending on your goals, you may choose to have a deeper chemical peel.  The deeper the chemical penetrates, the faster you will see amazing results.  However, this also means more exfoliation and possibly some redness or swelling of the skin for a few days.  Superficial chemical peels have very mild skin flaking and most people can return to their usual activities the next day.  For deeper chemical peels, all clients at Blue Haven Medical Spa are prepared with a skin regimen for 3-4 weeks before their first chemical peel.  This regimen removes the outer dead skin cells and speeds up skin recovery.  This reduces the amount of visible exfoliation after a chemical peel and thus minimizes downtime.  In addition, by already removing the outer skin layers, the chemical peel itself can penetrate deeper giving you an optimal result.  The entire healing process is generally complete after one week.

What sorts of skin problems can chemical peels correct?

Depending on the combination of chemicals used, a chemical peel can treat acne, hyperpigmentation (such as liver/age spots, melasma, skin darkening from acne breakouts, and sun damage), signs of aging (fine lines, loss of elasticity, thinning skin, uneven skin color), large pores, rosacea, and dry skin.

Can chemical peels be used anywhere on the body?

Most chemical peels are performed on the face, but Blue Haven Medical Spa has an effective chemical peel option that can be used on any skin surface.  Some common uses of this chemical peel include acne breakouts on the back and chest, visible aging on the neckline and cleavage, thinning skin on the arms and legs, pigmentation/freckles in areas of sun damage, dry or tough skin on the bottoms of the feet, or general treatment of rough and dry skin.  A body peel can be performed on up to 25% of the body surface in a session.

Are chemical peels painful?

Chemical peels usually cause a tingling or hot/flushing sensation in the skin.  The intensity of these sensations is dependent upon your skin’s sensitivity and the depth of the chemical peel.  The deeper the chemical peel, the more intense the sensation.  As layers of chemical are applied, the intensity increases.  Blue Haven Medical Spa only performs chemical peels in the safest way possible.  If a chemical peel is ever too intense, no additional layers are applied and a soothing moisturizer is applied to stop the discomfort.  Most people are not bothered by the level of tingling/heat in a chemical peel.

How much does it cost?

Our lighter peels from PCA Skin are $165 each.  However, because clients experience much greater benefits from a series of six chemical peels, if you purchase a package of 5 peels, you receive the 6th one free for a total of $825.  Our medium depth peel from Jan Marini Skin Research, the Transform Peel, retails at $300. For deeper facial chemical peels, all patients should use a customized skin regimen for 3-4 weeks prior to the chemical peel (and between peels if being done in a series).    These products include pigment suppressors and retinol to maximize the results of the peel and to speed the healing process.    Body peel pricing depends on the size of the area, and ranges between $100 (small areas, such as feet or hands) to $225 (large area, such as full back).