Blue Haven Medical Spa currently sells Latisse.  Latisse® is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker.  Our lashes have a tendency to get thinner and lighter with age.   Applying Latisse to the upper eyelid once a day has been shown to more than double fullness of the lashes by 16 weeks of use.  Latisse keeps the hair follicles in the growth phase for a longer period of time.  Once you start using the product, the new lashes that come in will be longer, thicker and darker.  At 4 weeks, you may start to see longer lashes.  At 8 weeks, the lashes may be fuller and darker.  At 16 weeks, you will see the full dramatic results.  In order to maintain these results, you must continue using the Latisse.  Once you discontinue the product, you will have a gradual return to your original eyelash appearance.


3 ml bottle:  $130

5 ml bottle:  $190