Rebrightalyze Pads (for pigmentation treatment)

Pigmentation is one of the tell-tale signs of aging, resulting in liver spots/age spots or an uneven skin tone.  Pigmentation can also occur in response to hormonal changes, such as with melasma.  Blue Haven Medical Spa has Rebrightalyze Pads to combat this.  Rebrightalyze contains a trio of medications (kojic acid, bearberry and arbutin) which stop the chemical process leading to pigmentation.  Not only does it stop the abnormal pigmentation process, but it can also help remove the excessive pigment giving you a more even skin tone.    The pads also contain skin-protecting antioxidants giving your skin a calming effect which helps with redness.  Unlike other anti-pigmentation treatments such as hydroquinone, Rebrightalyze is safe to use twice a day on a long-term basis.