The Infini for Skin Tightening and Acne Scars

The Infini by Lutronic is the latest option in the treatment of acne scars as well as looseness or crepiness of the skin. The Infini works by combining the technology of radiofrequency waves with micro-needling. During the procedure, tiny micro-needles are inserted through the skin into the dermis where the radiofrequency thermal energy is released. By delivering the energy directly to the dermis, collagen is produced deep in the skin leading to impressive outcomes. This procedure is especially useful for treating laxity of the lower face, jawline and neck. It has also become our procedure of choice to smooth and reduce acne scars. Because of the mechanical needling of the skin, there is also skin surface rejuvenation.


Treatment of neck laxity


Treatment of facial skin laxity


Fine lines of the lower face and neck


Lower face and neck tightening


Treatment of facial laxity


Tightening of neck line







Smoothing of acne scars


Treatment of acne scars on darker skin types















One of the benefits of the Infini for skin tightening is the shorter downtime. Because the radiofrequency thermal energy is delivered deep in the dermis, rather than the superficial epidermis level, clients usually experience downtimes of 1-3 days. The Infini is also safe for all skin types, and is safe in any season (even sunny weather).

Frequently asked questions:

What is the downtime like? Most clients will have initial redness at the time of the treatment that subsides quickly within the first hour. It takes 24-36 hours for the residual redness and swelling to dissipate. In rare cases, redness can extend for a few more days. Bruising is also rare, but possible in areas of thinner skin such as the neck or around the mouth.  Visible needle marks tend to last longer on clients with darker skin types or older clients who heal more slowly.  In our experience, this should resolve within 7-10 days.  It is okay to wear makeup the day after the treatment.

How does the treatment feel? You will feel pressure from the handpiece being held against the skin. We use a strong numbing cream for at least one hour prior to the treatment, as well as a cold air chiller during the treatment to reduce discomfort from the needles. Patients report varying levels of discomfort as each person has different tolerances.

How long before I see results? This procedure works by remodeling your existing collagen (or scars) and stimulating new collagen to form. The full process may take up to 6 months. However, clients usually begin to see changes within a few weeks with most of the changes occurring in the first 3 months.

How many treatments will I need? This depends on the client’s goals and the degree of correction needed. Many people will see significant results after one treatment. Acne scars will often require 2-3 sessions depending on severity.

How much does it cost? Treatments are sold by area. Areas include: neck, lower face, and upper face. One area is $1,200, two areas are $1,800, and three areas are $2,100. We also offer a discount if you receive a 2nd or third treatment in the first 6 months. (10% off the 2nd treatment and 20% off the 3rd treatment).

How would I decide between an Infini treatment vs a CO2 resurfacing? The best way is to come in for a free consultation to discuss. In general, we recommend the Infini for acne scars, clients with darker skin types (III-VI), and for clients primarily interested in skin tightening. CO2 resurfacing is the better option for rejuvenating the epidermis (surface) of the skin, such as uneven pigmentation, age spots, skin texture, or acne scars in combination with surface rejuvenation. CO2 resurfacing is only safe for clients with lighter skin types (I-III). Also, for most people the downtime for an Infini treatment is 1-3 days whereas a CO2 resurfacing is usually 4-5 days.

Can the Infini be used on other areas of the body?  There are studies going on currently that show promise in treating stretch marks and other areas, but these treatments are not yet available. Stay tuned for updates on this treatment…. We will update this page once stretch mark treatment is available.