The LaserCap® For Thinning Hair

The LaserCap Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

The LaserCap for thinning hair

Thinning hair can be one of the most distressing changes of aging, affecting half of men, and roughly 25% of women.  There are many causes for thinning hair, including genetic and hormonal factors.  As a result, there are many different treatment options available.  One of the latest breakthroughs is the LaserCap.  Blue Haven Medical Spa is now the exclusive dealer of the LaserCap for the Pacific Northwest.  The LaserCap is an at-home cosmetic device used to treat thinning hair.  It contains 224 laser diodes and fits inside any cap or hat.  The LaserCap uses technology called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate the health of the hair follicles, resulting in healthier, thicker hair follicles.  As the natural hair loss process occurs, individual hair follicles become thinner, shorter and weaker, providing less scalp coverage.  With low-level laser therapy, the energy provided by the laser diodes is absorbed by the scalp which stimulates cellular respiration (increased energy production and circulation), reduces inflammation (which is believed to contribute to hair loss) and promotes release of toxins.  The strength of the arrector pili muscles (the muscles connected to the hair follicles at the base) is also increased, providing increased support.  As the health of the hair follicles improves, the thickness of the hair gradually increases.  As with all hair loss treatments, the earlier you start treatment the better.  LLLT works to restore the health and thickness of thinning hairs, but cannot bring back any lost hair follicles.   For more detail on the science behind low-level laser therapy, click on this summary.

The LaserCap is worn for 36 minutes, three times a week (or every other day).  For the first few months, the beneficial changes occur at the cellular level as the new follicles are improving.  Visible changes to the hair start around 6 months and continue to improve.  The life cycle of a growing hair follicle is 3-6 years.  As the original hairs fall out, the new, healthier hairs replace them leading to a gradual and ongoing improvement in the thickness and appearance of your hair.

Dr. Killey’s own progress photos:

3 month progress with LaserCap Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

3 month progress with LaserCap

LaserCap for thinning hair Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

5 month progress with LaserCap

LaserCap for thinning hair Blue Haven Medical Spa Seattle

8 month progress with LaserCap








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The inventor of the LaserCap, Dr. Michael Rabin, discusses the LaserCap here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the LaserCap be used if I am using other hair treatments?

Yes, definitely.  Other treatment options for hair loss (such as minoxidil/Rogaine® and finasteride/Propecia®) work by completely different mechanisms.  You can continue using them while using the LaserCap, and the combination may in fact provide additional improvement.  Many hair transplant surgeons also recommend LLLT after surgery to improve healing.


I have already had hair transplant surgery… there a benefit to using the LaserCap?

Yes.  A hair transplant is essentially taking hair follicles from an area of higher thickness (the back of the head) and transplanting them across an area of thinner hair.  This gives a dramatic improvement of thickness initially.  However, the remaining hairs will continue to thin and fall out, eventually returning to an appearance of thinning hair.  Additional transplants may be needed to maintain a natural look.  Beginning LLLT with the LaserCap can maintain the health of your hair and reduce or eliminate the need for subsequent transplants.


Are there other low level laser therapy treatment options available for hair loss?

Yes.  The original FDA-cleared LLLT device for hair loss was a hand-held comb with 9 laser diodes.  The user must comb the device through the hair for 15 minutes three times a week.  The second FDA-cleared device was an in-office hood with 90 bulbs.  The user goes to a clinic and sits under the hood three times a week.  The LaserCap uses the same laser diodes as these two devices.  However, the LaserCap has 224 diodes providing an even, all-over coverage to the scalp.  More importantly, the LaserCap is much more user-friendly and time-effective.  It is the original hands-free device allowing you to continue your normal activities at home while receiving the treatment.  No trips to the office needed!


Has the LaserCap been FDA cleared?

Yes, as of August 2015, the LaserCap has also been FDA cleared as a medical device.


How do I use the LaserCap?

Insert the LaserCap into any hat you desire, or the hat provided to you.  Once the hat is on your head, click the button on the attached battery pack to the “on” position.  Leave it on for 36 minutes, then turn it off.  Once off, plug the battery pack into its charger.    The LaserCap is used three times a week (maximum of every other day).  The LaserCap should never be used more frequently than every other day or for longer periods of time.


Does it work for women?

Yes.  Both men and women, age 18-80, have experienced great results from LLLT.


Are there any risks or side effects?

There are no risks or side effects known.  It is recommended that you never look directly at the laser light, however, to protect the eyes.


Is the treatment painful at all?

No, the treatment is painless.  You may feel a slight warmth by the end of the treatment, which is believed to be from the increased circulation to the scalp.


How do I purchase a LaserCap?

Schedule a free consultation with any of our doctors.  We will meet with you to discuss if you are a good candidate for low level laser therapy.  If you wish to purchase the LaserCap, you can purchase it from our office.  The cost of the LaserCap is $3,000 plus tax.  To schedule, call us at 206-216-4957 or email us at


Is there a warrantly for the LaserCap?

The LaserCap has a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase.


Is there a return policy?

Yes, the buyer can return the LaserCap for any reason for one year from the date of purchase for a 75% refund.  This means that you can try the LaserCap for up to 1 year for only $750, or about $2 a day.